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Happy Sandwich Cafe


------------------------------------Make your very own sandwich shop!------------------------------------This is a free business simulation gamewith cute illustrations where you run a sandwich shop.Use your favorite ingredients and make your very own original sandwiches!Make your shop popular by serving many sandwiches or decorating the shopas well as enjoy the story!* Your original sandwichesChoose the bread and fillings todesign your original sandwiches!Tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon, etc.Combination of your choice.Try the different variations!Put the sandwiches in a display case,and serve them to your customers!
* Customize your shop with decorationsPurchase window or signboard parts to decorate your store!Then, paint the walls with your favorite color!Combine your favorite parts to personalizeyour store!
* Obtain ingredients through the quest! Go to the quest to deliver your sandwiches to the farmer or grocery store.You can unlock new ingredients if they like your sandwiches!
* Train your skill with mini games!Practice to improve your skill.The better you become,the more varieties of sandwiches you can cook!
* Participate in the contest and win an item!Win the sandwich contest and get gorgeous items that help your shop management!